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Andy Thompson NSW Senate Candidate 2010

Group U

Federal Election 21 August 2010

Non-Custodial Parents Party

Equal Parenting Party

Victor P Taffa

I would like to highlight the plight of non-custodial parents and their children in our society today.

One in two marriages or relationships will end in divorce or separation.

Since 1970 the marriage rate in Australia has dropped by approximately 40%

Our fertility rate has dropped to 1.7 babies per female.

Under our present system more and more men are not committing themselves to marriage or children.

Approximately 1.2 Million of our children live in single parent households.

40% of these children lose total contact with the non custodial parents after five years of separation.  This also includes their extended families such as aunties, uncles and sadly grandparents.  As we know grandparents are very special in our childrens lives and,they are an excellent back stop for parents.

Research carried out in the USA and published in 2000 by Rex McCann stated that boys growing up under fathered are:

  • 5 times more likely to commit suicide
  • 9 times more likely to drop out of high school
  • 10 times more likely to abuse drugs
  • 20 times more likely to end up in prison

And yet nobody knows why some of our children are turning to drugs, violence and crime or in some instances suicide.

Suicide in separated fathers is now approximately five per day.

Professor Pierre Baume from the Centre of Suicide Prevention at Griffith University stated that 70% of suicides was preceded by family breakdown.  In the 20 to 39 yo age group, one in five of all deaths is contributed to suicide.  We lose three times more men to suicide each year than we lost during the total Vietnam conflict..


The Family court of Australia was introduced by Labor in 1975.

The child support agency was set up in 1988 after Bob Hawk’s famous statement  that no child will live in poverty.  This Bill was rushed through parliament in six weeks.

In 2005/2006

Family court cost $142.8 million

Federal magistrates court cost $49.4 million

CSA  cost $290.1 million

additional funding $877 million over the next five years

The CSA is now a large bureaucratic sponge, sucking up tax payers dollars.  It’s staff are now more than 3000.  They are now an arm of the tax office, with over whelming powers, such as garnisheeing wages, confiscating passports and emptying private bank accounts.


After tax and child support, payers are left with twenty cents in the dollar.

42% of non-custodial parents are now forced onto social security so they can increase their disposable income.

The return to payees has now decreased from $48.64 weekly per child in 1995 to $36.13 in 2004 and is further decreasing.

For every $1 collected, it costs the tax payer $5.58 in administration costs, welfare and lost tax revenue.

This is madness.

The Pathways Advisory group laid down a report in July 2001.  Not one mens group was asked to join the group yet there was a representative from the Legal Resource Centre and one from a womens action alliance group.  Nothing ever came from the Pathways Advisory Group.

We then had a parliamentary inquiry in August 2003 into child custody arrangements in the event of family separation and child support.  The response to his enquiry was the largest number of submissions ever made in the history of the parliament.

We are still waiting for any improvements for Non-custodial parents and their children.

There is a better way.  Equal parenting is the answer.

Each parent shares access to their children equally.  We know that this might be practical in only 30-40% of cases, but it gives fathers and their immediate families a chance to participate in their children’s daily life one again.

We also live in hope for our children

For a better future for our children and a brighter future for our society.

Vote 1 Equal Parenting Party.

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