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Victoria Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith

Mount Buffalo National Park Receives Facilities Upgrade

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Coalition Government has funded a major upgrade for facilities at Mount Buffalo National Park.

Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith visited Mount Buffalo to inspect the area that will be upgraded and to make the announcement to the public.

Mr. Smith said the Coalition Government was investing around $650,000 to upgrade facilities for Mount Dunn, The Horn, Monolith, View Point, Marriott and Wilkinsons lookouts in the Mount Buffalo National Park.

“This important upgrade will ensure the park meets contemporary standards and make the lookouts more accessible to all visitors.” Mr. Smith said.

“Parks Victoria will undertake a comprehensive rebuild to make these attractions safer, more aesthetically pleasing and more enjoyable for locals and visitors.”

Member for Benalla Bill Sykes said the upgrade work would be quite demanding as it would require the delivery of heavy materials by helicopter with contractors working on remote sites.

“It will include the refurbishment of bridges and lookouts, as well as improving access to these lookouts with the construction of new ladders, steps and handrails.” Mr. Sykes said.

“This upgrade will be welcomed by locals and visitors as a mark of the Coalition Government’s interest in the site and working towards its future.” Mr. Sykes said.

Mr. Smith said a further $750,000 would be spent over the next two years as part of the improved access program to the Mt. Buffalo National Park, which included works at the popular Lake Catani campground upgrading toilet facilities.

“Walking track upgrades will also be undertaken on a series of tracks including View Point Track, Castle Sentinel Track, Long Plain, Mount Dunn and Monolith.” Mr. Smith said.


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