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Western Australia Minister for Commerce Bill Marmion

Minister Announces Plan To Extend Trading Hours In Midland And Armadale

Victor P Taffa

The State Government will introduce amending legislation into State Parliament to create special trading precincts in Midland and Armadale.

Commerce Minister Bill Marmion said today the proposed legislation would give Midland and Armadale the same trading status already existing in the Perth and Fremantle tourism precincts.

“The new precincts will allow people to enjoy extended trade until 9pm on weeknights and Sunday trading from 11 am to 5 pm, if they so choose.” Mr. Marmion said.

The final boundaries of the precincts will be determined by regulation following passage of the amendments.



The Government has given in-principle support to the respective local government proposals that the precincts apply to the Central Business Districts (CBD) of each location.

The proposals have received positive support from local traders as established through surveys conducted by the relevant local government authorities, and the strong support of local MPs on both sides of politics.

“The cities of Armadale and Swan are strongly supportive of the creation of the precincts as they recognise the opportunities these changes present their communities.” the Minister said.

“Midland and Armadale are established centres of commerce, are growing in importance economically, and will be further stimulated by the creation of special trading precincts.

“Extended trading hours in these areas will support increased trading activity and fill increased jobs in the local retail sector.”

“This proposal is about greater choice and no business will be required to open unless they wish to do so.” Mr. Marmion said.

Midland and Armadale are located in Transport and Urban Growth Corridors and will balance the Central (Perth), Southern (Fremantle) and proposed Northern (Joondalup) precincts, providing similar trading arrangements to the Eastern Metropolitan Region and the Perth Hinterland.

The plan is designed to ensure people across the Metropolitan Area have greater choice and flexibility as to when they shop or trade.

“I expect the Bill to create a special trading precinct in Joondalup will progress through the Legislative Council in the coming weeks.” Mr. Marmion said.

All three new precincts are intended to be operational before Christmas.

“This is great news for shoppers and traders located around these areas.” the Minister said.

“However, the Government remains focused on delivering extended week night trading across the Metropolitan Area and will continue to seek Opposition support for this, a moderate and progressive proposal.” Mr. Marmion said.

Additional Information

Midland and Armadale Special Trading Precincts

The amendments to the Act will insert reference to geographically-defined ‘Special trading Precincts’ in the City of Swan (Midland) and the City of Armadale. The proposed precincts will be confined to discrete areas around the CBD of each area.

City of Armadale Proposed Boundaries (subject to confirmation)

  • Armadale Central Business District is generally bounded generally by sections of: Armadale Road, South Western Highway, Fourth Road, Church Avenue, Green Avenue and the Armadale Railway line including the Railway precinct.

City of Midland Proposed Boundaries (subject to confirmation)

  • Midland Town Centre is generally bounded generally by sections of: Amherst Road, Morrison Road, Great Eastern Highway, Roe Highway, Clayton Street, Military Road and the Foundry Road precinct.

Final boundaries will be prescribed by regulations made after the passage of the legislation.

The boundaries will be generally consistent with those suggested by the respective local government authorities.

Trading hours in the new precincts

Trading hours in the new precincts would be fixed by ministerial order. The trading hours will be identical to those in the existing tourism precincts of Perth and Fremantle. These hours are:

  • 8 am-9 pm Monday-Friday
  • 11 am-5 pm Sundays
  • 8 am-5 pm Saturdays and public holidays (excluding ANZAC Day, Good Friday and Christmas Day on which general retail shops must remain closed.)

Traders will be free to choose whether they wish to trade extended hours.


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