Expensive Spin Over Substance

Expensive Spin Over Substance

South Australia Shadow Minister for Finance Rob Lucas

Government Spending $500/Hour For Ministers’ Media Training

Victor P Taffa

Taxpayers paid up to $500 an hour for Labor Government Ministers to receive professional media training, Shadow Finance Minister Rob Lucas said today.

Information provided to the Liberal Party from yet another leak has confirmed that Media Insider, a company run by Channel 10 Sports Reporter Mark Aiston, had been contracted to provide the training.

On August 12 last year, Minister ‘Turbo’ Tom Koutsantonis was given four hours media training at the State Administration Centre at a cost of $2,000 plus GST.

The following day, Attorney-General John Rau was also given four hours media training at the SAC at a cost of $2,000 plus GST.

Furthermore, Minister Gail Gago indicated in Parliament yesterday she had received media training in the past and would need to check how much this cost.

“It is clear the Rann Government has become increasingly desperate about the media performance of many of its Ministers.” Mr. Lucas said.

“Despite having about 300 spin doctors and other staff in Ministers’ offices and hundreds of spin doctors ‘embedded’ in Government departments, the Rann Government still can’t manage its media performance.”

Ms. Gago has also been asked to provide answers on the total spending on professional media training for Labor Government Ministers.

“What is of equal interest in this story is the fact that there has been yet another highly placed leak of confidential information in this case designed to embarrass right faction Ministers Koutsantonis and Rau.”

“It is yet another example of the Labor Government disintegrating before our eyes as they spend more time fighting amongst themselves rather than getting on with the business of running the state.” Mr. Lucas said.