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Western Australia Minister for Local Government John Castrilli

Landmark Report For Widespread Consultation

Victor P Taffa

  • Report identifies significant weaknesses in Perth’s local government sector
  • Wide-ranging changes proposed for metropolitan councils
  • State Government to ensure all stakeholders have a say on report

Local Government Minister John Castrilli today released for extensive public comment the Metropolitan Local Government Review Panel’s final report on the future of local government in Perth.

The report follows a year-long review of local government structures and governance arrangements within the metropolitan area.

Mr. Castrilli thanked Emeritus Professor Alan Robson for his work chairing the panel and welcomed the report which makes a strong and logical case for reform in metropolitan Perth.

“This is a comprehensive examination of many of the issues that face local government and the State Government is pleased to be releasing it for public comment so everyone gets a chance to carefully consider the final recommendations.” Mr. Castrilli said.

The Minister said the report identified significant weaknesses in the current arrangements and showed how they had an impact on the community economically, socially and environmentally.

“The report also identifies opportunities to make Perth local government much stronger so it is better placed to meet the future needs of the city’s rapidly-expanding population.” Mr. Castrilli said.

Mr. Castrilli said Perth’s metropolitan area was experiencing unprecedented growth with the population expected to reach 2.3 Million by 2026.

“The report finds current local government structures will not be adequate to meet the needs of the growing population and changing, more complex demands.” Mr. Castrilli said.

“It also encourages a change in thinking to take a whole-of-metropolitan area approach to the challenges and opportunities that are emerging.”

“This includes reducing local government bodies from 30 to 12, based on the activity centres outlined by the WA Planning Commission’s report Directions 2031 and Beyond.”

The Minister said the State Government would not take a definitive position on the report’s 30 final recommendations until after local governments, community members and stakeholders had been able to provide their views.

Fact File

  • Public comment closes April 5, 2013
  • Panel: Emeritus Professor Alan Robson, Dr Peter Tannock and Dr Sue van Leeuwen

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