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Western Australia Minister for Police Michelle Roberts

Multi-Threat Body Armour To Be Dispatched To Every Operational Police Officer

Victor P Taffa

  • $19.2 Million for personal issue body armour to every operational Police officer
  • Body armour contract awarded to Australian company

Measuring of every operational Police officer will begin within weeks, following the awarding of a contract to supply multi-threat body armour to Western Australian Police.

“This is about our commitment to protecting our Police and making sure they are as safe as they can be on the frontline and that’s what we’re delivering.” Minister for Police Michelle Roberts said.

“This equipment is made to measure, of good quality and a very high standard.”

Armour selected has been used to protect presidents, prime ministers, commandos and law enforcement officers around the world.

Minister for Police Michelle Roberts today announced Australian company Aquaterro as the successful tenderer.

It follows several months of field and trial testing and evaluation by Edith Cowan University.

Aquaterro is the largest Australian-owned law enforcement and operational equipment provider in the country.

Multi-threat body armour vests are designed to offer significant resistance to sharp objects and bladed weapons along with protection against pistol, rifle and shotgun threats.

McGowan Government has increased its initial $15.4 Million commitment, adding a further $3.8 Million to ensure multiple kits are available to every Police officer.

Officers in the Regional Operations Group will be some of the first in the metropolitan area to receive their kits, with officers in the Mid-West Gascoyne among the first in regional Western Australia.

Kits will also include a trauma pouch used to treat casualties, and is designed to attach to body armour overt carriers or utility belts.


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