Events Attraction Fund Aims To Increase Tourism In Tasmania

Events Attraction Fund Aims To Increase Tourism In Tasmania

Tasmania Premier Will Hodgman

Securing New Events To Boost Our Economy

Victor P Taffa

Premier Will Hodgman said that Government is committed to building a broad ranging events calendar which illuminates every region and every season.

“That’s why we are investing $4 Million to support Events Tasmania’s work to secure large events that will deliver the greatest return on investment for our State.” Premier Hodgman said.

Events Attraction Fund will enable a broad ranging events calendar to be developed so every region of Tasmania can share in our booming visitor economy.

This year, Tasmania will proudly host a number of new events, including two School Sports Australia championships. Both competitions will see school-age children from around the country competing against each other in touch football and swimming.

State Government is investing $40,000 to assist School Sports Tasmania to deliver these great new events which are expected to attract 1,800 people throughout competition in July and October.

Tasmania’s regions are known for their festivals, generally born from groups of dedicated locals keen to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Bicheno Food and Wine Festival on the east coast is a perfect example, and from this year the Government is supporting their plans for growth with a $65,000 investment over 3 years.

“Bicheno Food and Wine Festival brings together locals, people from all around Tasmania and interstate to showcase the east coast’s produce, wine and world-famous seafood.”

“Hodgman Government is committed to delivering sustainable growth in tourism which protects what’s special about Tasmania and importantly, boosts the visitor economy in every region of our State.” Premier Hodgman said.