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South Australia Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans

Weatherill’s Advisers Continue To Flout His Code Of Ethics

Victor P Taffa

Premier Weatherill must discipline his senior advisers who have flouted the South Australian Public Sector Code of Ethics.

Mr. Weatherill told Parliament this week that his “code of ethics applies to the whole of the public sector, which covers, of course, Ministerial Advisers.”

Last night, Mr. Weatherill’s senior adviser, John Bistrovic, who tweets under the pseudonym, “Mikey Bee”, tweeted:

JMB @ MikeyBee11

@Rob_Lucas making up bullshit again #saparli

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JMB @ MikeyBee11

@Rob_Lucas nup! Just Highlighting your bullshit! #saparli

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Mr. Weatherill’s senior media adviser, Jarrad Pilkington, then replied:

Jarrad Pilkington @Jarradpilk

@MikeyBee11 agreed, @Rob_Lucas hasn’t met a Labor staffer

or public servant he couldn’t bully

In reply to JMB

The Code of Ethics states:

  • In order to maintain public confidence in the integrity of the South Australian Public Sector, employees exhibit the highest standards of professional conduct in undertaking their duties;
  • Public sector employees will not at any time act in a manner that a reasonable person would view as bringing them, the agency they work, the public sector or Government into disrepute; or that is otherwise improper or disgraceful

“It would seem that the use of profanities on twitter aimed at members of the public, including MPs, is not exhibiting a high standard of professional conduct and is indeed acting in a manner that is improper.” Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans said.

On ABC radio this morning, Clubs SA Deputy Chairman, Bill Cochrane, responded to claims that Minister Rau’s advisers had abused Clubs SA, threatening retribution if they did not support the legislation before Parliament.

Mr. Cochrane confirmed that an exchange with Mr. Rau’s staff left him feeling “intimidated”. The South Australian Public Sector Code of Ethics also outlines that:

  •  Public sector employees will at all times treat other persons with respect and courtesy;
  • In dealing with citizens, public sector employees act impartially, fairly and equitably and with genuine respect for their rights as citizens of South Australia

“Intimidating members of the public is not treating other persons with respect and courtesy.” Mr. Evans said.

“If Mr. Weatherill claims that the Code of Ethics applies to Ministerial Advisers, does he accept that senior advisers in his Government have again breached the provisions of the code?”

“Mr. Weatherill must now tell South Australians whether he will take action against these two senior advisers and if not, why not.” Mr. Evans said.

“Mr. Weatherill has already failed to take action against two of his senior advisers and closest friends, Simon Blewett and Jadynne Harvey, after the Debelle Report was unequivocal in its assessment of their failure to advise then Education Minister Weatherill of sexual misconduct in schools.”

“South Australians deserve a Government with better priorities to get our State back on track.” Mr. Evans said.


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