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South Australia Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans

Another Snelling Error?

Victor P Taffa

Treasurer Snelling does not know what’s in his budget.

Following on from his embarrassment of not knowing if he had observers on the Zoo board, the Treasurer now needs to clarify if the Government is selling or leasing the hospital car parks.

In the 2010-11 budget the Government announced:

“As the management of car parks is not a core hospital service all metropolitan car parks will eventually be sold” (Budget Measures Statement, Budget paper 6, 2010/11, p. 103)

The car park sale was proposed by the sustainable Budget Commission (SBC) which recommended:

“Divestment in car parking, this initiative relates to the divestment (disposal) of ownership of metropolitan hospital car parks” (SBC measure, e_5803)

This morning, the error prone Treasurer, when asked on ABC 891, said the Government was not selling the car parks:

Presenter: “Can you confirm information we have received that you are considering selling hospital car parks?” Snelling: “No we are not. That’s not something that at least I am aware of anyway. It’s not something Treasury is considering.” (ABC 891)

The Treasurer then repeated this claim two more times:

“No not that I’m aware of- that we are considering the selling of car parks…” “There is no proposal to sell car parks I am aware of.”

The Treasurer was asked about any proposal for a long term lease of the car parks to which he responded:

Not that I’m aware of.”

Minister Hill told the Estimates Committee on June 30 last year:

“The car parking will not be run by the Health Department any longer. They will be run by private car parking companies.”

“It’s clear from the Budget the Government intended to sell the car parks. The Treasurer needs to clarify the Governments position.” Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans said.


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