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Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles

Momentum Building For Gas Pipeline

Victor P Taffa

Expressions of Interest (EOI) are now open for companies interested in building and operating a vital gas pipeline linking the Northern Territory with the East Coast gas grid.

“Momentum is building for this nation-building project which has the potential to transform the Territory’s gas industry, create jobs in our regions and improve energy security on the East Coast.” Chief Minister Adam Giles said.





“The pipeline, known as the North East Gas Interconnector, offers the private sector a unique opportunity to lead the development of a nationally significant infrastructure project.”

“States along the eastern seaboard urgently need to find new sources of energy and the North East Gas Interconnector are an attractive solution.”

“It is estimated that the Territory has more than 200 Trillion cubic feet of unconventional gas resources in six onshore basins and 30 Trillion cubic feet of conventional offshore reserves.”

Interest in the pipeline project is growing with more than 100 people attending an industry briefing in Alice Springs at the end of last month.

“Earlier this week, I was happy to see a vote of confidence in the pipeline project from Central Petroleum who announced a framework agreement to supply gas from their existing gas fields and future gas discoveries to Incitec Pivot’s phosphate fertiliser plant south of Mt. Isa. This is another demonstration of faith in the pipeline.” Mr. Giles said.

There has also been strong support from the Commonwealth and State Governments.

“Last week I signed an MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) with the New South Wales Premier Mike Baird in Sydney, agreeing to work closely on the pipeline project to promote development of a national, competitive domestic gas market.” Mr. Giles said.

The national benefits of a pipeline have also been acknowledged by the Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane.

“A pipeline linking the Northern Territory with eastern Australia has the potential to make a major contribution to the development of Australia’s gas markets by providing new sources of supply and increasing competition.” Mr. Macfarlane said.

“A pipeline could also provide an opportunity for new suppliers to unlock Australia’s large unconventional gas resources across central and northern Australia, helping to build a more dynamic and secure national energy market.”

The North East Gas Interconnector is a priority of the Northern Territory Government and has been granted Major Project Status.

Two routes have been proposed – one from Tennant Creek to Mt. Isa in Queensland and the other from Alice Springs to Moomba in South Australia.

Proposals will be accepted for both these routes and any other route that industry would like to suggest linking the two gas grids.

Submissions close at 2pm (CST) on Monday 15 December 2014.


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