Environment Centre Walks Away From Labor

Environment Centre Walks Away From Labor

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Forestry Peter Gutwein

No “Peace In Our Time”

Victor P Taffa

News that the Huon Valley Environment Centre has withdrawn their support for the disastrous Statement of Principles is yet further evidence that the process should be abandoned and the Liberals’ balanced 13-point plan adopted instead, Shadow Minister for Forestry Peter Gutwein said.

“Activists from the Huon Valley Environment Centre are some of the most strident protesters in Tasmania.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“Without their support, there can be no “peace in our time” in the forests as a result of the Statement of Principles, regardless of what Ms. Giddings’ naively claimed in Parliament this week.”


“By continuing to support and progress the disastrous Statement of Principles, Labor is destroying the jobs of thousands of timber workers and their communities in a doomed attempt to appease the Greens and in the naive belief that they will support the Pulp Mill in return.” Mr. Gutwein said.

Ever since the Franklin Dam debate and High Court challenge in 1983 one really should ask if Tasmania has gone forwards or back to the dark ages.

Feel Good Policies are all very well and good however all Government’s rely on Taxation receipts from people in employment in order to then dish out good announcements. Environmental Policies must be balanced with the needs of Industry.

The Carbon Tax Regime should only be introduced once the world’s worst emitters of pollution all come to the same view. The one world order view of the world is pushed on many issues especially against Statehood for The Northern Territory and so the one world order view of a Carbon Tax Regime must be included in that.

The same people that want every environmental policy under the sun to be introduced and a Carbon Tax Regime imposed also oppose Railway and Tramway Expansion and Victor P Taffa working for the Baillieu Victoria Government. Victor P Taffa can only pay Taxation again when the Baillieu Victoria Government employs him.

How will a Carbon Tax Regime fit in with a Rail Ferry to Tasmania, Electrified High-Speed Rail and long overdue Railway and Tramway Expansion?