Enfield District State By-Election 2019 Timetable Of Events

Enfield District State By-Election 2019 Timetable Of Events

Polling Day Saturday 9 February 2019

South Australia Electoral Commission

Enfield District State By-Election Announcement

Victor P Taffa

A State By-Election for Enfield District will be held on Saturday 9 February 2019. This will be an attendance election.

Event                                                              Time

Issue of Writs                                                  Friday 11 January

Close of rolls                                                   12 Noon Monday 21 January

Close of nominations                                      12 Noon Thursday 24 January

Polling Day                                                     Saturday 9 February

Return of Writs                                               Friday 22 February


2018 State Election Result

Candidate                          Party          Preferred Votes    % of Preferred Votes

MATHEW Deepa                   LIB                 9,139                           42.1%

RAU John                               ALP                12,554                         57.9%



LIB                 Liberal Party

ALP                Australian Labor Party