Employment Generating Land Freed Up In Hazelmere Industrial Area

Employment Generating Land Freed Up In Hazelmere Industrial Area

Western Australia Minister for Planning John Day

Industrial Land Boost For Hazelmere

Victor P Taffa

  • Six amendments to the Metropolitan Region Scheme approved
  • Land freed up for industrial development
  • Potential to bring more jobs to the area

More than 190 hectares of employment-generating land has been freed up in the Hazelmere industrial area, north-east of Perth Airport.

Planning Minister John Day has approved six minor amendments to the Metropolitan Region Scheme that would rezone parcels of land in the area from rural to industrial. A small portion of land has also been rezoned urban and parks and recreation.




Mr. Day said the amendments would allow industrial growth while protecting wetlands, ground and surface water, and existing residential areas.

“Hazelmere’s location near the CBD, Perth Airport and major freight access routes makes it a prime location for light and heavy industry. Rezoning some parcels of land will enable the area to grow this base and create more job opportunities for West Australians.” Mr. Day said.

“I anticipate the types of businesses that will be attracted to this area in the near future will be in keeping with existing industrial enterprises.”

The land is bound by the Helena River, Roe Highway, Perth Airport and the Great Eastern Highway Bypass and includes lots within Stirling Crescent, Talbot Road, Midland Road and Lakes Road.”

The Minister said Hazelmere’s proximity to a number of housing developments supported the concept of offering employment options within a reasonable distance from a person’s home.

The amendments are in line with the State Government’s Hazelmere Enterprise Area structure plan, endorsed in 2011, which sets out a long-term plan for the area.

Fact File

  • Precinct 2A and 2B – Helena River Precinct
  • Precinct 3A and 3B – HEA Buffer Area
  • Precinct 4 – Hazelmere Interface
  • Precinct 7 – HEA South
  • Precinct 8 – HEA South Buffer
  • Precinct 9A – Bushmead