Employee Median Earnings Up By 1.9% In 2017

Employee Median Earnings Up By 1.9% In 2017

Australian Bureau Of Statistics

Median Earnings Of Employees Rose By 1.9% In 2017

Victor P Taffa

Median weekly earnings of employees rose by 1.9% from August 2016 to August 2017, according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

This followed similar annual increases for 2017 seen in the Wage Price Index and Average Weekly Earnings, for which figures for December 2017 and November 2017 were released last week.


Over the year to August 2017, the median weekly earnings of full-time employees rose by 1.5%, while earnings of part-time employees rose by 3.3%.

“Subdued earnings growth of full-time employees was particularly apparent for casual employees in 2017. The median weekly earnings of male full-time casual employees actually fell by 1% and remained unchanged for female full-time casual employees.” Program Manager for Labour Statistics at the ABS, Bjorn Jarvis said.

Over the 5 years from 2012-2017, the average annual growth of median weekly earnings for male full-time casual employees was 0.8%, down from the 4.1% recorded over the period from 2007-2012.

In contrast, the average annual growth of median weekly earnings for female full-time casual employees was 2.7%, down slightly from the 3.0% recorded over 2007-2012.

Overall proportion of employees working on a casual basis increased from 23.5% in August 2012 to 25.1% in August 2017.

“This increase was driven mainly by full-time casual employees, with the overall proportion of full-time casual employees increasing from 10.3% of full-time employees in August 2012 to 11.6% in August 2017. The overall proportion of part-time casual employees reduced from 53.7% of part-time employees in August 2012 to 53.2% in August 2017.” Mr. Jarvis said.