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Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Victoria Shadow Minister for Police Peter Ryan

Emerald Families To Get Better Police Protection Under Baillieu Govt

Victor P Taffa

A Coalition Government will work with Victoria Police to upgrade Emerald Police Station from 16-hour to 24-hour operation, Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu said today.

A Coalition Government’s commitment to upgrading Emerald Police Station will see additional Police Officers deployed at Emerald so residents will no longer be forced to wait more than 30 minutes for a response after hours.

“Emerald families and business owners are sick of waiting for Police to respond from Pakenham Police Station, which is already under-resourced by John Brumby and his soft-on-crime policies.” Mr. Baillieu said.


“Victorians have suffered under Premier John Brumby as violent crime has increased while police numbers have failed to keep pace with population growth.”

“John Brumby arrogantly spends money on self-promoting Party-Political ads instead of funding the Police needed to protect the families of Emerald.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“Together with local Liberal Candidate for Gembrook Brad Battin, the Coalition has listened to this community and understands the need for increased police presence at key times and a zero tolerance approach to thugs and criminals.”

“A Coalition Government will upgrade Emerald Police Station and work with Victoria Police to ensure extra Police Officers to protect the local community from violence and anti-social behaviour around the clock all week.” Mr. Baillieu said.

Emerald Police Station after hours is currently forced to rely on Pakenham Police Station, which has only one divisional van, to protect families in Melbourne’s fast-growing outer south-east. A single call to Police from Emerald leaves Pakenham short-staffed while Emerald residents face long delays for assistance.

Under John Brumby’s soft-on-crime policies, Cardinia Shire has suffered one of the worst increases in assaults in Victoria, with the number growing by 173 % from 185 assaults in 2000-01 to 506 in 2009-10, significantly greater than increases in Melbourne’s CBD.

Cardinia2000-012009-10% Change


Sexual Assault44232






Total Violent Crime235778


Source: Victoria Police Crime Statistics

VIC Shadow Minister for Police Peter Ryan

VIC Shadow Minister for Police Peter Ryan









Shadow Minister for Police and Leader of the Nationals Peter Ryan said local residents and traders in Emerald report regular violent disturbances.

“Recently the Police Station’s back door was smashed and local thugs and crooks know they have at least 30 minutes, and often as much as an hour, before Pakenham Police Officers arrive.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The Coalition’s commitment to increasing Police numbers by 1,700 over the next four years will make it possible to provide the additional Police Officers needed to upgrade Emerald Police Station to a 24-hour operation all week.”

Brad Battin Liberal Candidate for Gembrook

Brad Battin Liberal Candidate for Gembrook









Liberal Candidate for Gembrook Brad Battin said as a former Police Officer, he knew how stretched Police in the Emerald area were under John Brumby and was aware of the serious concerns of Emerald residents about inadequate Police Resources.

“Emerald Residents will be reassured by our commitment and our Plan to recruit 1,700 extra Police and I know how much Emerald and Gembrook need extra resources.” Mr. Battin said.

Despite record rising violence in Victoria, under Labor the number of Police Officers per person in Victoria has dropped since 2006, and according to the Productivity Commission John Brumby spends the least Per Person on Policing of any state.

Since 1999, violent crimes in Victoria including, robbery, rape and homicide have risen 45 % while assaults have increased 75 % with the largest increases occurring outside of Melbourne’s CBD.

The Coalition’s commitment to the largest increase in Police Officers in a single term of Government in Victoria’s history includes 1,700 extra Police Officers and 940 armed, uniformed Victoria Police Protective Services Officers on Railway Stations after dark.


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