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Federal Minister for Emergency Management Nicola Roxon

Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Bushfire Response Peter Ryan

Firefighting Aircrane Elvis Ready To Protect Victoria From Fire

Victor P Taffa

Firefighting aircrane Elvis is in position at Essendon airport and ready to be deployed to protect Victorian lives and property this summer.

Victorian Deputy Premier and Minister for Bushfire Response Peter Ryan, along with Commonwealth Attorney-General and Minister for Emergency Management Nicola Roxon, welcomed the arrival of Elvis to Victoria’s firefighting air fleet.

“Elvis is now in position and a second aircrane, Gypsy Lady, will be based in Ballarat from later this month.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Elvis and Gypsy Lady can carry up to 9,000 litres of water or foam and reach a cruising speed of 200 km/h.”

“Two Sikorsky helicopters, which can each carry 3,500 litres of water, have also been brought in especially for the summer period and will be based at Mansfield and Colac.”

“These four machines are the powerhouse of a fleet which will assist with bushfire first attack, major fire suppression and support firefighters on the ground this summer.” Mr. Ryan said.

Ms. Roxon said that with above average temperatures and below average rainfall, it’s going to be a tough season for Victoria.

“With temperatures set to hit the high 30’s tomorrow, Elvis is back and ready to help our brave firefighters keep Victorians safe.” Ms. Roxon said.

“By working together with states and sharing specialised resources we are ensuring Australians are protected by the best aerial firefighting equipment possible.” Ms. Roxon said.

“Victorians can be reassured that Elvis and Gypsy lady will be here to help should bushfires breakout this summer.”

National Aerial Firefighting Arrangements are an example of the cooperative approach taken between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories in addressing Australia’s bushfire risk. The Aircrane and Sikorsky helicopters are co-funded with the Federal Government through the National Aerial Firefighting Centre.


Federal Minister for Emergency Management Nicola Roxon

Federal Minister for Emergency Management Nicola Roxon


The makeup of the fleet this year is the same as it was last year.

Ms. Roxon said smaller firebombing helicopters and fixed wing aircraft have already been deployed throughout central Victoria to respond to the increased risk of grassfires in that region.

“This is the first summer fire season where we’ll have helicopters based at Hamilton, Healesville and Shepparton.” Mr. Ryan said.

“A further 150 aircraft are ‘on call’ and can help out in Victoria if required.”


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