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Victoria Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

Sunbury Gets 64% More Weekday Services On Metro

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder today boarded the first Metro electric train at Sunbury, marking the completion of the $270 Million electrification of the line between Watergardens, Diggers Rest and Sunbury.

Mr. Mulder said that the rail electrification would give Sunbury and Diggers Rest passengers 489 Metro trips a week compared to the previous 298 weekly V/Line trips a train frequency increase of 64 %.

“New public transport timetables beginning today mean a total of 90 extra Metro suburban trips a week spread across the Craigieburn and Dandenong lines and the Sydenham part of what is now the Sunbury line.” Mr. Mulder said.

“Since coming to office, the Victorian Coalition Government has added 1,078 new weekly Metro train trips to the suburban rail network.”

“Watergardens, Sunshine, Craigieburn and Essendon passengers will now have a train every six minutes in the morning. During peak hours, trains will operate every 12 minutes from Sunbury in the morning and to Sunbury in the afternoon.”

“Because some of V/Line’s carriages are no longer needed on Sunbury trains, the Coalition Government is adding an extra carriage to two weekday peak period trains in the morning and afternoon on the Seymour line from 19 November. V/Line will also operate an extra morning weekday train from Bacchus Marsh and a new trip to Melton on weekday afternoons.”

Mr. Mulder said that Sunbury commuters would benefit from six early morning Metro trips to Flinders Street before 7 am, compared with just two in the previous V/Line timetable.

“The significant boost in Sunbury’s Saturday and Sunday train frequencies will make public transport a better option for getting around on the weekends. Across the weekend, there are 51 more trains running to and from Sunbury, an increase of 98 % compared with the previous V/Line train frequencies.” Mr. Mulder said.

Mr. Mulder said that more than 40 bus timetables had also been changed to improve connections to or from trains, while V/Line train timetables on the Bendigo line had significantly changed.


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