Election Night Euphoria

Election Night Euphoria

Victoria State Election 27 November 2010

Election Night Celebrations

Victor P Taffa

The Supporters of the Liberal and National Parties went wild last night as the results from the State Election came in.

While a Final result is still to be determined one thing is clear and that the People of Victoria have simply had a gut full of Spin and of being taken for granted by the Brumby Labor Government.

Seats that required small swings such as Mount Waverley, Gembrook, Forest Hill and Mitcham were joined by Carrum, Seymour and most likely Bentleigh as they fell like Nine-Pins with swings of 10% Plus.

The other factor to also come out of the Election is that Safe Labor Seats suffered swings of 10-15% or more.

The Labor Party has been decisively beaten in many seats and given that the 550,000 Pre-Poll Votes have yet to be counted it is likely that the trend that was set last on Election Night will continue as counting proceeds next week.

This being the case some seats listed in the Labor List may still fall to the Coalition as it is highly unlikely that this trend will be reversed before the close of counting and the return of Writs.

(From left to right) James, Trish, Peter, Sarah, Julian.