Egg Contract Ignores Tasmania

Egg Contract Ignores Tasmania

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Primary Industry Jeremy Rockliff

Local Benefit Test Could Have Saved Tasmanian Contract

Victor P Taffa

Reports today that the State Government has cancelled a $200,000 Tasmanian Egg Supply contract in favour of a mainland supplier for a miserly sum saving highlights the need for the State Government to adopt a local benefit test.

“The Tasmanian Liberals’ local benefit test, announced in October, would see the implementation of a number of measures that would highlight the benefits to the local economy as part of determining the “best price” during a tender process.” Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Jeremy Rockliff said today.

“Contrary to the claims of the Labor-Green Government, it is perfectly possible and legal to implement this process.”


“The only thing that is stopping it from happening is the lack of leadership from the Labor-Green Government.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“Pure Foods Eggs supply around 80,000 Eggs on an annual basis to both the Royal Hobart and Launceston General Hospitals, but were notified recently that their contract would not be renewed, with the Government instead choosing a mainland supplier, that will see eggs shipped across Bass Strait.”

“The fact that this tender has now been sent interstate has the potential to not only impact the state as a whole, but also at a local level, as Pure Foods donate eggs to local charity groups on a regular basis.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“While the Labor-Green Government continues to ignore the state of primary industries in Tasmania, instead choosing to fill the state’s food bowl with imported food, the Tasmanian Liberals will to push for a local benefit test to ensure the future of primary producers in Tasmania.”

“The Tasmanian Liberals continue to provide the leadership and responsibility that this state needs to drive forward, all while the Labor-Green Government is proving their ability to fail at every opportunity.” Mr. Rockliff said.