Easy Escape Has Community Alarmed

Easy Escape Has Community Alarmed

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Corrections Vanessa Goodwin

Ron Barwick Maximum Security Prisoner Escape

Victor P Taffa

The Escape of a dangerous maximum security prisoner from the re-commissioned Ron Barwick Prison is a disturbing development coming at the end of a trouble-plagued year for the Minister for Corrections.

“The Prisoner who escaped has an extensive criminal history and no doubt the community will be extremely alarmed that he was able to exit the prison grounds and enter the nearby suburb of Risdon Vale.” Vanessa Goodwin Shadow Minister for Corrections said today.

While the Tasmanian Liberals praise the efforts of Tasmania Police, who were able to track down and arrest the prisoner within one hour of his escape, this is an incident that should not have been allowed to occur in the first place.


“Mr. McKim must reassure Tasmanians that the Ron Barwick Prison is now secure and that there will not be any further escapes from this facility. He also needs to inform the community when the repairs to the defective cells will be completed and the prisoners transferred back to the maximum security facility.” Ms. Goodwin said.

These repairs should have been finalised by now and it simply isn’t good enough that the timelines for completion keep being extended. Clearly the community is being placed at risk and this is totally unacceptable.

“The Labor-Green Government has a responsibility to ensure that the community is protected from dangerous criminals and this must be a priority for Mr. McKim. As the Corrections Minister he is ultimately responsible for Risdon Prison and he cannot simply blame others for his failings.” Ms. Goodwin said.