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Victoria State Election 27 November 2010

Victoria Electoral Commission

Victor P Taffa

21 Candidates

Candidates for the Eastern Victoria Region in Ballot Paper Order are as follows:

Group A Family First

1          STOKES, Linden

2          AESCHLIMANN, Terry


Group B D.L.P. –Democratic Labor Party

1          IUS, Walter

2          WYATT, Robyn


Group C Liberals/The Nationals

1          DAVIS, Philip                       LIBERAL

2          HALL, Peter                          THE NATIONALS

3          O’DONOHUE, Edward       LIBERAL

4          HOPGOOD, Rosemary        LIBERAL



Group D Australian Labor Party

1          VINEY, Matt

2          SCHEFFER, Johan

3          ANDERSON, Maida

4          MOFFAT, Hedley

5          MAXFIELD, Ben


Group E Country Alliance

1          JONES, Andrew

2          MURPHY, Euan


Group F Australian Greens

1          DUNN, Samantha

2          WRAGG, Cheryl

3          SWALES, Penelope

4          BUCKLEY, Francine

5          MILLSOM, Andrea


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