Dust Issue Settled For Mandogalup Landowners

Dust Issue Settled For Mandogalup Landowners

Western Australia Minister for Planning Rita Saffioti

Mandogalup Land Issues Addressed

Victor P Taffa

  • Improved outcome for landowners
  • Greater certainty for industry
  • Future planning to go ahead

State Government has moved to provide greater certainty for Mandogalup landowners with properties affected by a 1.5 km buffer next to Alcoa’s Kwinana Residue Disposal Area (RDA).

“We have taken advice from the Environmental Protection Authority on the level of dust in areas affected by the buffer that previously prevented many landowners from selling or subdividing their properties.” Minister for Planning Rita Saffioti said.

“This advice means that the Western Australian Planning Commission can now investigate the best possible use for this land.”

State Cabinet has endorsed findings by the Environmental Protection Authority that will allow for urban development on land to the north-east of the RDA, as it found negligible health and amenity impact from dust in this area.

Urban zoned land can accommodate residential, and other land uses such as commercial, light industrial or other employment activities. Suitability of land uses will be determined when more detailed planning takes place.

Western Australian Planning Commission will start preparing a draft improvement plan over rural land to the north, south and east of the RDA (land in the closest proximity to the RDA boundary).

Purpose of the draft improvement plan is to further assess potential health and amenity impacts and to plan for future industrial use.

It is intended that planning for the area will become the responsibility of the WAPC, who will consult with local governments, industry and landowners in the development of a draft plan and scheme to guide future land use decisions for the area.