Dr. David Ritchie Appointed New Chair Of Northern Territory Planning Commission

Dr. David Ritchie Appointed New Chair Of Northern Territory Planning Commission

Northern Territory Minister for Infrastructure Planning and Logistics Nicole Manison

New Chair Announced For Northern Territory Planning Commission

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Nicole Manison today announced Dr. David Ritchie as the new Chair of the Northern Territory Planning Commission (NTPC).

Ms. Manison said the Territory Government is determined to restore trust in Government and will review planning in its first term, to provide certainty for the community.

“Planning for the Territory’s future is an important part of growing our population, creating jobs, developing our economy and building strong communities.” Ms. Manison said.


“It is essential we get it right, and it’s vital the broader community is part of the planning process.”

“I’m thrilled Dr. Ritchie has come on board with the Planning Commission. He has extensive experience in planning issues in the Territory, gained through 20 years in chief executive roles including Chief Executive of the (former) Lands and Planning Department from 2009 to 2012 and more broadly across Government, the private sector and the not-for-profit sector.”

“As well, Dr. Ritchie holds a PhD in cultural anthropology and social history and this knowledge and experience makes him an ideal Chair for the strategic work of the Planning Commission.” Ms. Manison said.

NTPC is an independent statutory authority, established to undertake strategic land planning across the Territory, to deliver integrated, sustainable and appropriate land use planning for the community.

Ms. Manison is also very pleased to confirm 3 new members to the NTPC today:

  • Dorte Ekelund, Adjunct Professor (Planning) at the University of Canberra with extensive planning experience at senior levels in Federal and State Governments
  • Fran Kilgariff, Alice Springs based with extensive experience across Territory and Local Government
  • Robert Jennings, Katherine, representative of the Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (Mr. Robert Jennings)

Mr. Brendan Dowd, the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Darwin, will continue as a member of the NTPC, along with recurring memberships which include the Chairpersons of the Development Consent Authority (Mr. Denis Burke), the Heritage Council (Mr. Wayne Kraft) and the NT Environment Protection Authority (Mr. Paul Vogel).

“These appointments represent a very high level of experience, knowledge and capability in planning matters and in particular, I sincerely thank Mr. Dowd for acting in the role of Chair over the past few months.” Ms. Manison said.

First meeting of the NTPC will take place shortly, and a detailed work plan for the next 12 months will be outlined by the Commission.