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Safety improvements for Forrest Highway/Old Coast Road intersection

Victor P Taffa

In a key announcement Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Murray Cowper has ensured that Main Roads Western Australia will carry out minor works to improve the delineation of the intersection at Forrest Highway and Old Coast Road.

Main Roads WA and WA Police have met to ensure that safety is a priority at Forrest Highway/Old Coast Road intersection.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Transport and Murray Wellington MLA Murray Cowper said the works, which included additional signs and pavement markings, were decided on by senior Main Roads safety officers and WA Police, who met on site yesterday following a double fatality there on Tuesday.


WA Main Roads

WA Main Roads





Mr. Cowper said there had been six other crashes at the intersection since the new highway was opened last September.


WA Police

WA Police








“Last Tuesday’s double fatality is an absolute tragedy and I sympathise with the families who have been affected.” Mr. Cowper said.

“Main Roads officers were at the intersection last Friday installing ‘T-junction ahead’ warning signs and an additional ‘give way’ sign. Since then we have had this awful tragedy and Main Roads and Police have responded quickly and appropriately.”

“Feedback from WA Police indicates that once drivers have passed the ‘give way’ sign on Old Coast Road, they become confused within the through-traffic lane Northbound on Forrest Highway, which delays their crossing by a number of seconds.” Mr. Cowper said.

The intersection will be more clearly delineated with:

  • Relocated ‘no entry’ signs and improved ‘keep left and ‘keep right’ signs
  • Kerb arrow and pavement markings
  • Chevron hazard signs.

“While the design of the three-way intersection is sound, and there is good, long range visibility in all directions, these works will enhance its delineation, especially coming out of Old Coast Road.” Mr. Cowper said.

“Works will begin today and be completed next week. Driver behaviour at the intersection will be closely monitored in ensuing months.”

WA Parliamentary Transport Secretary Murray Cowper

WA Parliamentary Transport Secretary Murray Cowper


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