Don’t Leave On A Last-Minute Decision

Don’t Leave On A Last-Minute Decision

Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Bushfire Response Peter Ryan

Vic Coalition Govt Unveils Hard-Hitting Bushfire Advertising Campaign

Victor P Taffa

Deputy Premier and Minister for Bushfire Response Peter Ryan today unveiled a new series of hard-hitting bushfire advertisements funded by the Victorian Coalition Government in a bid to save lives this summer.

Mr. Ryan said less than three years since the tragic 2009 Victorian bushfires which had claimed 173 lives, authorities were concerned complacency was creeping back into the community.

“These television advertisements, which will run across Victoria from Thursday 1 December until the end of February, are confronting and shocking but necessary as they portray what can realistically occur when people are ill-prepared for fires.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Victoria is one of the most bushfire prone areas in the world so it is crucial the community understands and recognises the importance of preparing for fires before summer arrives.”

Mr. Ryan said the advertisements highlighted the need for all Victorians to be prepared for the fire season, not just residents living in high-risk areas but those travelling the state.

“These chilling advertisements include a 60-second television commercial that describes the horror of what it would actually be like to be caught in a bushfire.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The important lesson from this is that if you have a bushfire plan then you are not risking your life, or your family’s, on a last-minute decision.”

The advertisements will run during the 6 pm news bulletins until the end of February, with the option to extend the campaign should there be a late fire season.

The Bushfire Bereaved Community Advisory Group reviewed and provided feedback with regards to the Coalition Government’s new fire safety advertising campaign.

The group has stated it supports the Government’s stance on delivering a ‘hard hitting’ campaign in an effort to improve understanding and overcome complacency.

Mr. Ryan said it had never been easier to access information to create a fire plan or check warnings and conditions.

“During Fire Action Week earlier this month several new online resources were launched including a new FireReady smartphone application to provide users with up-to-date warnings and other useful information, such as how far away a fire is from your location.” Mr. Ryan said.

“There are also the My Plan and Travellers’ Checklist pages available on the CFA website or through Facebook that will help you plan for fire, so there’s no excuse for not being prepared.”

Mr. Ryan said the advertising campaign and the available resources were designed to ensure people understood that fire safety was everyone’s responsibility.

“It’s not good enough to put off your fire plan until the threat is on your doorstep, you must develop your plan now and practise it with your family or friends. Or, if you are travelling, be certain to check the fire warnings before you go.” Mr. Ryan said.