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Victor P Taffa

When former Health Minister John Della Bosca recently announced that the Royal Flying Doctor Service (R.F.D.S.) would have its operational capability reviewed the question that should be asked is the Minister treating the symptom or the cure?

The problems at Hornsby, Dubbo, Ryde and many other public hospitals suggest that the funding levels are simply going to administration and not front line services.

In a bid to save money the State Government is searching for another ‘cheaper’ alternative for a rural flying service that has served New South Wales for the past 80 years. However one could be forgiven for thinking that there is another underlying motive. Dubbo M.P. Dawn Fardell is concerned at the prospect of the less profitable areas of Dubbo losing medical aerial services.

This downgrading of rural services is in keeping with Mudgee and Cooma losing both its air and rail services and many other rural towns losing its railway altogether. Living in Sydney is convenient whereas it is the ‘tyranny of distance’ that leaves rural people disconnected from facilities, advantages and employment opportunities.

As an example it is a 30 minute drive from Muswellbrook to Singleton and a

further 30 minutes to Maitland. To travel a similar distance in metropolitan Sydney will see you pass from one side of the metropolitan area to another and drive through dozens of suburbs with modern facilities and transport connections.

Following on NSW Nationals leader Andrew Stoner recent comments in the Sydney media regarding the Royal Flying Doctor Service it would be considered a usual business deal to change to a new carrier for aerial services in the country in the name of saving money.

“Quite right, NSW Labor usually has ulterior motives behind such decisions their track record is shocking.”

However after 14 years, going on 16 years of total failure in the administration of New South Wales there is always another underlining motive behind a supposedly noble motive of saving the taxpayer money.

As with the legal profession being sold the need to become ‘Special Counsel’ rather Than ‘Queens Counsel’ and the ongoing mistruths about climate change and the overwhelming need to ‘streamline’ government and abolish State Governments, one could merely be slightly cynical and preposterous as to suggest that the real reason to move away from The Royal Flying Doctor Service is because of the Royal Prefix on the name of the service.

The R.F.D.S most likely supports the Royal prefix on its name and so the Labor Party thought it easier to simply take away their need to use the R.F.D.S. and thus hide the ‘Royal’ from the public consciousness.

In the name of ‘cleaning and restoring’ the Crown was also removed from every Post Office. Once again this move is simply republicanism by stealth. Republicans are also desperate to abolish State Governments and in particular the Upper houses of Parliament.

The Labor Party at its 1984 Federal Conference passed a motion that Australia should become a republic. This was passed after former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam passed legislation to make Queen Elizabeth II as the Queen of Australia. This is notwithstanding the Constitutional crises that have affected Labor Governments.

In 1932 NSW Governor Sir Philip Game dismissed Labor Premier Jack Lang from office and in 1975 Governor-General Sir John Kerr dismissed Labor Prime Gough Whitlam. In 1996 NSW Labor Premier Bob Carr removed the Governor from Government House, Sydney.

So what is the real reason for the NSW Labor Government to save money? What really is wrong with the R.F.D.S? Surely it has nothing to do with the Royal prefix or does it?

New South Wales Labor has shown once again that it is more spin cycles than a washing machine.


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