Do The Right Thing And Follow The Signs To Help Stop Fruit Fly

Do The Right Thing And Follow The Signs To Help Stop Fruit Fly

Victoria Minister for Agriculture and Food Security Peter Walsh

Beware Of Spreading Fruit Fly This Long Weekend

Victor P Taffa

Agriculture and Food Security Minister Peter Walsh has urged travellers not to carry fruit into or through Regional Victoria this long weekend.

Mr. Walsh said 50 new declarations had now been made this season across Victoria after fruit fly was detected in the Greater Sunraysia, Goulburn Valley, Gippsland and North East Regions.

“I encourage holidaymakers to get out and explore Northern Victoria, but I ask people to be aware they could be putting the state’s multi-million Fruit Growing Industry at risk if they carry fruit into the Region.” Mr. Walsh said.

“One single piece of fruit can transport Queensland fruit fly from one area to another, spreading the risk to our industry and threatening vital export markets.”

“So please obey the signs and don’t take fruit into exclusion zones in Regional Victoria this weekend or at any time.”

Mr. Walsh said it was illegal to carry fruit into protected fruit production areas or to remove fruit from areas with declared fruit fly infestations, and fines did apply.

“The simple rule is to buy your fruit locally, and consume it locally too.” Mr. Walsh said.

“Victoria is facing one of the worst seasons on record for fruit fly outbreaks, with the warm, humid conditions ideal for the spread of the pest.”

Mr. Walsh said it was crucial that the wider community co-operated in the effort to stop the spread of Fruit Fly.

Most fruits, including:

  • Stone and Pome Fruit,
  • Citrus,
  • Berries,
  • Grapes,
  • Tomatoes,
  • Capsicums and Chillies.

are hosts of Queensland Fruit Fly.

In outbreak areas across the state, the Department of Primary Industries is working with affected fruit growers and undertaking comprehensive Eradication Programs.

This includes:

  • Larval Searches,
  • Fruit Removal,
  • Repeated Baiting Treatments,
  • Setting up Fly Traps,
  • Ongoing Surveillance.