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Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek

Low Life Grubs: Disaster Payment Claiming Criminals

Victor P Taffa

“Throw the book at them!” is how State Opposition Leader JP Langbroek today responded to reports paedophiles, violent rapists and dangerous sex offenders have fraudulently claimed $1,000 in flood assistance each.

“These people are low life grubs.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“People from right around Australia have given generously to the Premier’s fund to help out Queenslanders devastated by the floods and the cyclone.”

“I believe those people who donated their hard-earned money would feel sick to the stomach upon hearing these reports.” Mr. Langbroek said.


“To take money from flood and cyclone affected Queenslanders who have lost their families, homes … everything, is the most disgraceful and cowardly act.”

“It is appalling this minority of sick people would defraud their fellow Queenslanders.”

“These people are deceitful. They are true criminals.  They are not true Queenslanders.” Mr. Langbroek said.

Mr. Langbroek recently commented on Child Protection and those looking after the vulnerable. Paedophiles are disgusting people and are widely regarded with similar disdain in the Prison System.

Many people seek to confuse Homosexuals with Paedophiles. The fact is that even with private comments from New South Wales Police the following applies to Heterosexual Men who overwhelming commit the following crimes:

  • Rape Women;
  • Bash Women;
  • Bash Children;
  • Molest Children.

When these men are charged of crimes against women and children there should be some questions of a psychological nature asked so as to build a profile of offenders. In almost every case the offenders would be heterosexual men.

The early century Popes in the Catholic Church were allowed to marry. The law of Celibacy is a man-made law and not a law made by God. The law of Celibacy should be dispensed with.  Celibacy is not a healthy way to live. The mother of  Editor Victor P Taffa Margaret also supports that view.


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