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Western Australia Minister for Disability Services Simon O’ Brien

Website Opens Doors For People With Disability

Victor P Taffa

Western Australia Minister for Disability Services Simon O’Brien today formally launched the You’re Welcome WA website which provides information on more than 2,300 accessible venues and facilities for people with disabilities living in Western Australia.

“Everyday, people with disabilities and their families face challenges to do things others take for granted – going to the shops, having a meal at a café, picnicking in a park or going on a holiday.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“Now with You’re Welcome WA, a lot of the information people with a disability need when choosing venues with appropriate access is just a few clicks away.”




The Minister said that in addition to the website, the You’re Welcome WA Initiative provides its partners with training and support to ensure their facilities are accessible.

“The benefits flow both ways as organisations and businesses are educated on the needs of customers with disabilities.” Mr. O’Brien said.

The initiative has received funding of $950,000 from the State Government. The funds have been distributed to local governments in a partnership between the Disability Services Commission and the Western Australian Local Government Association.

Mr. O’Brien said to date, 36 local governments and more than 1,000 businesses, community organisations and government agencies have joined as You’re Welcome WA partners.

“The project is another step forward in creating a more welcoming, accessible and inclusive WA.” Mr. O’Brien said.


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