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Victoria Minister for Community Services Mary Wooldridge

Better Deal For People With A Disability

Victor P Taffa

Amendments to the Disability Act 2006 will help protect the rights of Victorians with a disability while cutting red tape for service providers, Community Services Minister Mary Wooldridge said today.

The Disability Act 2006 established a flexible support system based on a person’s choice, their individual requirements and with the aim to help people with a disability participate more actively in the community.


The amendments, which were introduced into the Victorian Parliament this week, will clarify unintended consequences of the Act and address administrative and technical issues to make several improvements, including:

  • Broadening the jurisdiction of the Disability Services Commissioner to include considering complaints about services, such as disability advocacy services and the financial intermediary service,
  • Empowering VCAT to review assessment orders made by the senior practitioner,
  • Clarifying that behaviour support plans are not required when a person has a treatment plan in place,
  • Streamlining processes to enable better service provision for people with disability.

The improvements follow consultation with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the Office of the Disability Services Commissioner, the Office of the Public Advocate and the disability sector.

Ms. Wooldridge said the new legislation reinforced Victoria’s commitment to transforming the lives of people with a disability, their families and carers.

“This commitment is ongoing and underpins our support for a National Disability Insurance Scheme that aims to provide certainty of funding, fairness and choice for people with a disability their families and carers.” Ms. Wooldridge said.


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