Did The Minister Mislead Parliament Over I.T. Bungle?

Did The Minister Mislead Parliament Over I.T. Bungle?

Queensland Shadow Minister for Science, Research & I.T. Scott Emerson

OneSchool Rollout Scrapped In Another IT Bungle By Labor

Victor P Taffa

The Bligh Labor Government has bungled another major Information Technology Project with the final phase of its controversial $100 Million OneSchool Program being delayed for up to 12 months or more, Shadow Minister for Information and Communication Technology Scott Emerson said today.

The launch of the third phase of OneSchool, which involves financial account keeping of receipts and invoices for hundreds of primary and high schools, was due to in less than a month but was suddenly aborted a week ago.

“This has all the signs of another health payroll debacle in the making and further exposes major problems with the State’s IT Service Delivery.” Mr. Emerson said.


“I understand staff had raised concerns that they didn’t know how to operate the system and there were fears that it would lead to the massive problems we saw with the botched rollout of the Health Payroll System.”

“Once again we are seeing evidence that major projects, which cost Queensland taxpayers hundreds of Millions of Dollars, are just beyond the ability of this tired and incompetent Labor Government.” Mr. Emerson said.

Taxpayers are facing a bill of more than $200 Million to fix the Queensland Health Payroll Debacle despite the Minister for ICT Robert Schwarten telling Parliament there was no failure.