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Victor P Taffa

Darvall Road West Ryde at the intersection of Warrawong Streets is in danger of collapse due to the almost total inaction of the City of Ryde council.

The situation arose during heavy rains in November 2007. The city council erected barriers on Darvall Road simply to avoid a potential law suit in the event of an accident. The barriers were placed on the road so the council could not be accused of failing in its ‘duty of care’ to ratepayers and users of Darvall Road. Some Ryde city councillors admitted the barriers were placed on the road due to a ‘landslip’.

The question must be asked as to when and in which particular management plan will Ryde city council solve the problem of the landslip and remove the hazardous barriers?

Local residents are up in arms at the inaction of the council towards the situation that confronts Darvall Road. One resident Claire Everett who has resided in Darvall Road for more than 50 years is very concerned at the placement of the barriers on the road. “Your vision is impaired especially on Friday nights” Claire said. Claire also added that the area was known as “the quarry” when her Children were growing up and that the barriers had been there “for about 2 years”.

At a meeting of Darvall road residents in June 2008 the issue was raised with 5 of the then Ryde city councillors in attendance and still the reaction from Devlin Street has been one of deafening silence. One Ryde city councillor who was not returned to office in the September 2008 elections and did not want to be named said that “a drainage retention basin and landscaping was needed because of the overflow of water from the top in Bergin Street. Water cascades down the grassed area and that is why the road has subsided.” he said.

“It appears that many people wish to maintain the ugly overgrown vegetation that is home to rodents and snakes and many other species rather than have the drainage problem and road subsidence issue resolved.” He added.

Not only is the road landslip an issue but it makes for hazardous driving particularly as the barriers are located at the bottom of a very steep gradient. The width of the road as shown in the photo is simply too narrow for the safety and wellbeing of local residents and motorists.

Is Devlin Street hiding behind the line that the barriers are a speed reducing mechanism in order to avoid paying to have the problem solved?

For many decades Ryde City council tried to pretend that West Ryde and Eastwood did not have a flooding problem until the floods in the 1980’s nearly washed away the shopping centres of West Ryde and Eastwood. When push came to shove the drainage tunnel below Mons Avenue was built and not before time. Even recent heavy rains turned Adelaide Street into a river primarily due to a lack of drainage. In a recent edition of Ryde city news the community was reminded of the floods in the 1980’s in West Ryde and Eastwood with photographs.

After all the flooding problems that our city continues to experience it appears that a major disaster has to occur before any action is ever taken regarding flooding and drainage concerns.

When will our council remove the Berlin wall from Darvall Road?

What has to occur before inaction turns into action for our hardworking residents and ratepayers?

Will Devlin Street act before Darvall Road slips away?


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