Deputy Premier Opens New Yalgoo Police Station

Deputy Premier Opens New Yalgoo Police Station

Western Australia Minister for Police Liza Harvey

New $2.4 Million Yalgoo Police Station Opens Doors

Victor P Taffa

  • New station replaces the previous 1983 building
  • Will be linked to the local shire’s CCTV system
  • More than triples the workforce capacity

Yalgoo is the latest community to benefit from the Liberal National Government’s multimillion-dollar program to replace and refurbish Police stations across Western Australia.

Deputy Premier and Police Minister Liza Harvey travelled to Yalgoo today to officially open the doors to the new $2.4 Million station, which will more than triple the workforce capacity.

“The State Government is committed to ensuring communities such as Yalgoo are safe and having modern, comfortable police stations for our officers is crucial to this.” Deputy Premier Harvey said.

“The new Yalgoo station will be able to accommodate up to 10 officers, in addition to support staff, to ensure we can be prepared for future growth in the region.”

The Deputy Premier said the Yalgoo station would not only be equipped with the latest CCTV cameras to protect staff and monitor detainees, it would also be linked in to the Shire of Yalgoo’s CCTV system.

“Officers at the station will be able to monitor the shire’s network of CCTV cameras, ensuring they can quickly respond to local issues.” Deputy Premier Harvey said.

The new station also includes

  • Reception area,
  • Monitored interview room,
  • Armoury,
  • Drug store,
  • Locker room,
  • Gym,
  • Purpose-built secure detainee processing area.

External site works include landscaping, car parks, an external storage shed and property store, along with solar lighting and secure fencing around the site.

Deputy Premier Harvey said Yalgoo was the latest in a $116 Million investment by the Government to rebuild and refurbish police stations across WA since 2013.

“We’re dedicated to making communities safer through tough laws and providing police with the resources they need to combat crime and antisocial behaviour.” Deputy Premier Harvey said.

Fact File

  • The new station has a number of sustainable energy initiatives including internal light-emitting diode lighting, solar signage/external compound lighting
  • The old station, and the site it is on, will be transferred to the Shire of Yalgoo
  • The building and external works were carried out by Fleetwood and Coral Coast Homes and Construction