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Northern Territory Minister for Primary Industry and Resources Paul Kirby

Artificial Reef Deployment Commences

Victor P Taffa

Deployment of 116 artificial reef modules will commence ahead of schedule tomorrow under the Territory Government’s $8.3 Million Artificial Reef project.

“This project is an exciting one for all recreational fishers, and to be at deployment stage ahead of schedule is even better.” Minister for Primary Industry and Resources Paul Kirby said.

“Reefs are designed not only to be fantastic for fishing, but to increase long term fisheries production and enhance the sustainability of key fishery resources.”

Project forms part of the government’s $50 Million election commitment to enhance recreational fishing infrastructure creating 4 football field sized, scientifically designed reefs.

Reef modules are concrete structures which have been made locally by Shorecast NT, designed to sit on the sea floor and replicate the best possible natural reef habitat.

Due to tides and weather conditions, deployment will commence in the evening. It will take approximately a month for all 116 modules to be shipped and dropped into their new locations.

It is expected to take 2-3 years for the reefs to fully establish, however recreational fishers will notice benefits almost immediately.

Reefs will be located in the Greater Darwin region.

  • 2 between North Gutter and Lee Point,
  • 1 in the Dundee region,
  • 1 between the Vernon Islands and Cape Hotham.


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