Denmark To Commence Tougher Water Restrictions From 3 December 2014

Denmark To Commence Tougher Water Restrictions From 3 December 2014

Western Australia Minister for Water Mia Davies

Stage 5 Water Restrictions For Denmark

Victor P Taffa

  • Stage 5 water restrictions in place from Wednesday, December 3, 2014
  • Sprinkler systems to operate one day a week only
  • Water Corporation launches new water saving programs for affected residents

Water Minister Mia Davies today announced that Stage 5 water restrictions would be in place for Denmark residents from Wednesday, December 3, 2014. The introduction follows months of below average inflows into local drinking water dams.

Denmark’s water supply is at 60 % capacity and below the level required to maintain water supplies to next winter.





“The drying climate has taken its toll on Denmark’s dams and we now need to save about 50 Million litres of water to secure supplies.” Ms. Davies said.

“Stage 5 restrictions mean garden sprinkler systems can only be used one day a week instead of the normal two days during summer.”

The Water Corporation will also introduce water saving programs to its residential and business customers in Denmark to help conserve water.

“The water saving programs includes a free Showerhead Swap service and an extension of the Waterwise Towns Program.” the Minister said.

The Waterwise Towns Program offers selected customers waterwise advice, including a home visit and plumbing leak service to help find water saving opportunities around the home.

“Through one day a week watering and the corporation’s water saving programs, we aim to make up the difference between predicted demand and the lack of inflow to dams.” Ms. Davies said.

The corporation is also supplementing supplies with water from Denmark River Dam. With additional water from this dam and the anticipated savings made by customers, restrictions may be lifted on February 28, 2015. The corporation will monitor dam levels and customer water use throughout this period.

“I thank the residents of Denmark in advance for their co-operation while we work to secure the town’s water supplies in our drying climate.” the Minister said.

Fact File

  • Residents and businesses will receive a letter explaining restrictions and water saving programs
  • Sprinklers can be used one day a week before 9am or after 6pm, based on the last digit of the house or lot number. Hand watering is still permitted
  • Denmark was last subject to Stage 5 water restrictions in 2008