Denison House Of Assembly Tasmania State Election 2018 First Preference Count

Denison House Of Assembly Tasmania State Election 2018 First Preference Count

Polling Day Saturday 3 March 2018

Tasmania Electoral Commission

Denison House Of Assembly Division First Preference Count

Victor P Taffa

Tasmania Electoral Commission has released the First Preference Votes of duly nominated candidates for the Denison House Of Assembly Division that was held on Saturday 3 March 2018.

There are twenty-five members of the House of Assembly, with five members elected for each of the divisions using the Hare-Clark voting system of multi-member proportional representation. Members are elected for a term of up to 4 years.

Nominated Candidates In Ballot Paper Draw Order



Progressive Quota: 9,905


Party Affiliation Or Independent                First Preference Count


T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania

BARNETT, Alan                                                  308

NEWITT, Rob                                                    331

Group Total                                                         639

Quotas                                                            0.06

Percentage                                                  1.08%

Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Tas

BENNETT, Lorraine                                      1,018

Group Total                                                     1,018

Quotas                                                           0.1

Percentage                                                 1.71%

Australian Labor Party

BACON, Scott                                               11,037

COX, Tim                                                       3,517

HADDAD, Ella                                              4,870

OGILVIE, Madeleine                                    3,949

SHERLOCK, Zelinda                                     1,845

Group Total                                                     25,218

Quotas                                                            2.55

Percentage                                                  42.44%

Tasmanian Greens

BENHAM, Aaron                                          384

BURNET, Helen                                            1,384

FITZPATRICK, Mel                                      626

KOKKORIS, Rose                                         538

O’CONNOR, Cassy                                       7,270

Group Total                                                     10,202

Quotas                                                            1.03

Percentage                                                     17.17%

Liberal Party

ARCHER, Elise                                              9,747

BEHRAKIS, Simon                                       2,101

HICKEY, Sue                                                  6,432

JOHNSON, Kristy                                         2,942

YOUNG, Dean                                               1,126

Group Total                                                     22,348

Quotas                                                            2.26

Percentage                                                     37.61%


Total Formal Votes                                         59,425

Informal Ballot Papers                                    2,244

Electors on Roll                                              74,397

% Counted                                                      82.89%

Results as at: 12:35 am Sunday 4 March 2018