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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Rail, Hail And Shine

Victor P Taffa

Opposition Leader, Terry Mills, has called for a resolution to issues affecting Australia Post deliveries to the new suburbs of Bellamack and Johnston.

Mr. Mills said some residents had been waiting for more than a year for issues surrounding mail deliveries to be sorted.


“It took years for Government to finally build houses in Bellamack and Johnston and now residents are waiting for mail delivery.” Mr. Mills said.

“This is a problem that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible.”

“It is not convenient for many residents to access post office boxes and residents in Bellamack and Johnston should have access to the same services as those across the rest of Palmerston.”

“In addition, residents of the Bellamack seniors village are missing out on mail deliveries.” Mr. Mills said.

“Affordable Housing Minister, Chris Burns, has been made aware of the problem but so far has failed to act.”

“I have had numerous meetings with various parties to break the deadlock, but the time for talking has long passed.”

“All parties including Government, council, Australia Post and the developers should get together to sort out this problem for the benefit of Bellamack householders.” Mr. Mills said.


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