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South Australia Shadow Minister for Health Martin Hamilton-Smith

Hill Delivers Ruin To The Health Budget

Victor P Taffa

Health Minister Hill has been forced to reveal to Parliament that a forthcoming Auditor-General’s report is to savage his management of the $5 Billion Health budget and that his agencies have not complied with the Public Finance and Audit Act 1986.

“He can’t prepare accounts on time, he can’t pay his bills, he can’t reconcile his accounts, he can’t achieve an unqualified audit, and he fails to comply with the Public Finance and Audit Act. It’s time for this Minister to retire.” Shadow Minister for Health Martin Hamilton-Smith said.

“It is bad enough that the Minister only today tabled his annual report six months late.”

“The Minister sought today to blame the delays on the Auditor-General when they were caused by his own financial incompetence and failure to present accounts on time.”


“Knowing what is to come, the Minister has been forced to admit that Auditor will accuse him of control deficiencies, inadequate management, a lack of attention to effective and timely reconciliation of accounts within the Health department.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.

“The Auditor will also criticize the Minister’s management of Country Health SA and the Adelaide Health Service regarding an inability to trace transactions from the old legacy financial systems to the floundering Oracle IT system the Minister introduced.”

“Last year in October, the Auditor slammed the Minister for taking the Oracle IT system to Cabinet back in 2009 without a business case and with a misstated cost so these problems he announced today all trace back to this minister’s poor decisions.”

“The Minister admitted the Auditor-General was unable to obtain sufficient evidence in relation to revenue raised from fees and charges, receivables in cash and that he reports on an inability to obtain data on staff benefit expenses, supplies and services, and payables.”

“The Auditor-General states that, ‘The new enterprise system was implemented and operated for some time without adequate management attention being given to the effective reconciliation of financial accounts.’1 It’s a disgrace.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.

1 Department of Health, Annual Report 2010-11, tabled 28 March 2012, p. 157


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