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South Australia Opposition Leader Steven Marshall

Debelle Report Select Committee Passes Upper House

Victor P Taffa

A motion put forward by Family First to establish a Select Committee to investigate matters raised by the Debelle Inquiry has passed Parliament’s Upper House this evening.

Earlier this week when discussing the Inquiry and whether or not he would appear if he was called as a witness, Mr. Weatherill said:

“I’m not appearing before some circus in the Upper House.” (ABC, 09/09/13)

“It was Mr. Weatherill who said that serious questions deserve serious answers.” State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall said.

“Mr. Weatherill has given no real justification as to why he will not attend the inquiry.”


“Justice Debelle’s report was a comprehensive and thorough investigation into the events surrounding the rape of a child at a western suburbs school.”

“However, a number of serious questions emanating from the Inquiry now present themselves, which this Select Committee will investigate.” Mr. Marshall said.

“Mr. Weatherill has demonstrated weak leadership by failing to sack his senior ministerial advisers and personal friends, Simon Blewett and Jadynne Harvey, over their failure to advise him of the rape of a child at a government school.”

“The State Labor Government has done nothing to dispel community concerns that it has a casual attitude to child protection.”

“South Australians deserve a Government with better priorities to get our State back on track and a government willing to be open and transparent.” Mr. Marshall said.

The Select Committee will consist of the Hon Robert Brokenshire MLC, the Hon Russell Wortley MLC, the Hon Kyam Maher MLC, the Hon Rob Lucas MLC and the Hon Stephen Wade MLC.


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