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LDP QLD Senate Candidate Jim Fryar

Bob Brown Should Debate Peter Spencer

Federal Election 21 August 2010

Victor P Taffa

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Senate Candidate for Queensland today called for Greens leader, Bob Brown, to agree to the call for a debate with Peter Spencer, the farmer he and the major parties financially and almost physically destroyed.

Peter Spencer, the farmer who went on a hunger strike over the vegetation management laws which have destroyed the lives of many rural producers, has challenged Bob Brown to a debate on human rights.



“Mr. Spencer has been calling on Brown to debate him for some time now, and I believe that if Brown applied his own principles and ethical values, he would seize the opportunity with both hands.” Mr. Fryar said.

“If we are to assume there is any moral justification for the actions of the government and the Greens in relation to the vegetation management laws, he would leap at this chance.”

“We regard secure property rights as fundamental to a free society. It is vital that people are guaranteed the right to keep and enjoy the fruits of their labor. A situation where the work of a lifetime can be destroyed by a bureaucrat’s pen in a distant city is anathema to those who are willing to work and invest, and a vicious disincentive to the entrepreneurs of Australia.”

“The Liberal Democrats firmly believe that those who make decisions which impact adversely on others, should have the courage to face their victims. This applies even if they are the elites stalking the halls of federal and state parliament, as well as local government or other authorities.” Mr. Fryar said.

“Unfortunately, the elites who see themselves as the ruling class have never viewed the plight of their victims with anything but contempt and scorn. Their view seems to be that the plebs, proles and peasants should get back in their place and accept that the state knows what’s best for them.” Mr. Fryar said.

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