Day’s 6 Point Plan For Geraldton

Day’s 6 Point Plan For Geraldton

Western Australia Minister for Planning John Day

Draft Greater Geraldton Structure Plan Update 2010 Released For Comment

Victor P Taffa

Planning Minister John Day today released the Draft Greater Geraldton Structure Plan Update 2010 for Public Comment.

The Draft Structure Plan updates the existing Greater Geraldton Structure Plan (1999), which forms part of the Geraldton Region Plan (1999).

Mr. Day said the draft plan maintained the same boundary as the existing structure plan and provided renewed focus on urban areas and areas likely to experience development pressure within the City of Geraldton-Greenough and the Shire of Chapman Valley.

“Several existing land use categories have been consolidated and/or modified in the draft plan to take into account likely short to medium term development pressures.” the Minister said.



“Once finalised, this update will be used with the Geraldton Region Plan to guide amendments and reviews to the City of Geraldton-Greenough and Shire of Chapman Valley local planning strategies and schemes.”

“It will act as an interim measure for the Greater Geraldton region during the preparation of wider strategic regional planning that includes the Batavia Coast and the City of Geraldton-Greenough’s Sustainable Future City Project for Greater Geraldton.” Mr. Day said.

Land Use Changes that have occurred in the area since 1999 include:

  • Proposed expansion of the Narngulu Industrial Estate and release of the associated Strategic Land Use Directions Plan;
  • Proposed development of the Oakajee Port, Industrial Area and other associated infrastructure, including provision of Rail and Road Access;
  • Identification of an indicative alignment for the proposed Oakajee-Narngulu Infrastructure Corridor, linking the Narngulu Industrial Estate to the future Oakajee Port;
  • Refinement of the Regional Road Network, including the determination of the Southern Route for the Geraldton North South Highway and the finalisation of the Southern Transport Corridor;
  • Key amendments to local Planning Schemes, including Residential and Industrial Rezoning;
  • Completion of the First Phase of the Geraldton Regional Flora and Vegetation Survey.

Submissions for the draft Greater Geraldton Structure Plan Update 2010 close on Friday, December 24, 2010.