In Planning

Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

A Decade Of Inaction

Victor P Taffa

Opposition Leader, Terry Mills, expressed relief that Labor had finally released a strategic plan for the Darwin Region, 10 years after winning Government in the Northern Territory and six months after the Opposition released its planning document.

“Territorians have the right to expect Labor would have released this document considerably earlier than it has.” Mr. Mills said.

“It’s noteworthy too that Labor has returned its focus for industrial development back to Gunn Point after having attacked the Country Liberals’ Plan to locate industry there.”

“The ALP’s cynical attempt at green politics has backfired dismally and the Government owes Territorians an apology for this serious deceit.” Mr. Mills said.

“I also notice that, according to the maps provided in their policy brochure that they have located Weddell on the Elizabeth River.”

“This is surprising, given the Minister has promised no dams will be built in Darwin Harbour or the Elizabeth River.” Mr. Mills said.

“If Weddell is to be placed adjacent to the River, the Minister needs to explain how he plans to deal with the biting midges that are such a part of Top End life.”

“I welcome the fact the fact the Government has belatedly joined the debate on planning for Darwin’s future.” Mr. Mills said.


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