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Victoria Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

Works Continue On The Cranbourne Line

Victor P Taffa

Cranbourne line passengers will experience a more robust, reliable and frequent service thanks to one of Melbourne’s biggest ever upgrades to a working rail line.

We know there are delays and cancellations on the Cranbourne line, which is why the Andrews Government is undertaking $15 Billion worth of work to improve services, including building the Metro Tunnel and removing 11 dangerous and congested level crossings.

“With $15 Billion of work underway we’re delivering for the people of Cranbourne by getting on with projects that will get them home safer and sooner.” Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan said.

A massive, long-overdue revamp of power and signalling along the entire length of the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines is continuing this week as part of an 11-day construction blitz which began last Saturday and will run through until 14 August.

Enough communications cabling to run all the way from Melbourne to Sydney is being installed as part of the 80-km overhaul, supporting a modernised signalling system.

These works also include track work to improve the tangled rail junction at Dandenong a crucial first step towards the duplication of track through Lynbrook, Merinda Park and Cranbourne.

Victorian Budget 2018/19 committed to detailed planning towards the duplication of track between Dandenong and Cranbourne to remove the bottleneck created by the current single track. This planning process, already underway, is part of a $572 Million upgrade package for Melbourne’s busiest corridor.

“Labor Government will get this planning right unlike the Victorian Liberals botched plan to extend to Clyde without duplicating which will just mean more congestion, delays and cancellations.” Minister Allan said.

“Not only is it a display of poor planning but it’s also massively underfunded.”

“Just getting rid of the 4 level crossings they have promised will consume the entire $487 Million they have allocated.” Minister Allan said.

Building bigger trains, removing level crossings and fixing signalling are all part of a broader plan to transform the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines into a ‘super corridor’, with bigger, more frequent trains running all the way out to Sunbury via the Metro Tunnel.

A new metropolitan train timetable, kicking off on 26 August, will incorporate 10 extra weekday services from Cranbourne and 80 extra new or extended services on the Caulfield-Dandenong corridor.

Cranbourne and Pakenham lines are Melbourne’s busiest, used by more than 90,000 passengers per day.


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