Damning Education Survey Leaked

Damning Education Survey Leaked

Victoria Shadow Minister for Scrutiny of Government David Davis

Leaked Principal Survey Exposes Brumby’s Education Failure

Secret Principals’ Report Card Fails Labor On Almost Every Measure

Victor P Taffa

A Damning Confidential Leaked Document has revealed Premier John Brumby’s Education System has failed students and parents, with schools crippled by inadequate resources, too much red tape and little support for Principals, Shadow Minister Responsible for Scrutiny of Government David Davis said today.

The Your Job, Your Say survey conducted by Ipsos Research in 2008 surveyed more than 1,200 Victorian Government School Principals and is the most comprehensive report card to date on Labor’s Education Failings.

“This survey reveals John Brumby’s shocking failure to manage and provide Education services to students in Government Schools.” Mr. Davis said.


“It reveals that principals are angry about John Brumby’s failure on student outcomes, school resources, support, management, decision-making, communication, staff training, accountability and red tape.” Mr. Davis said.

The confidential Your Job, Your Say survey reveals massive dissatisfaction with the Brumby Government’s Management of Education. Of the respondents to the survey:

• 71 % said too much ‘red tape’ makes it hard to get things done in their job;

• 77 % do not have all the necessary equipment and support required to do their job correctly;

• 77 % feel they do not have a sense of belonging to central office;

• 75 % do not have enough time to do their job effectively;

• 71 % are not told about upcoming changes in time to prepare for them;

• 68 % said change is not well managed by the government;

• 68 % said the government is not genuinely interested in the wellbeing of its employees;

• 68 % responded negatively to their workload.

“Based on these leaked survey results, it is clear that John Brumby and his incompetent Minister for Education are failing to deliver on almost every measure, despite incredible commitment and goodwill on the part of school principals.” Mr. Davis said.

“John Brumby is so embarrassed by the results that no further Your Job, Your Say surveys were conducted after this one and this is the second broken promise to undertake this survey.”

“Under Labor there have been critical failures of management and decision-making, and it is now clear that education is struggling because of Labor’s complete incompetence.”

“This survey shows clearly that John Brumby has neglected schools and is not providing the quality of education which families deserve.”

“Principals are doing the best job they can but they are clearly suffering from John Brumby’s failure to provide adequate resources and support, and the burden of Labor’s massive bureaucracy and red tape.”

“These survey outcomes make it clear that without doubt, John Brumby and his Education Minister is incompetent and has mismanaged the Education of our children.” Mr. Davis said.

Key findings of the 2008 Survey include:

• Principals are facing serious problems such as a lack of equipment and support necessary to their jobs, massive bureaucracy and red tape and high levels of stress;

• Problems faced by principals are created by government failures across a broad range of areas including employee wellbeing, understanding of the work that principals do, change management and the retention of the best principals;

• There are major shortfalls in the government’s concern for, and recognition of principals and their roles;

• Breakdowns in government efficiency, decision-making and willingness to listen to Advice;

• There are serious concerns about the government’s management of and support for quality school leaders;

• Principals are feeling isolated from the government and are suffering from a lack of communication.


• This is the biggest education leak in Victoria in more than a decade.

• Private company Ipsos Research was contracted by the state government to conduct the major survey of Victorian government school principals to determine the quality of Government School service provision in Victoria.

• The survey has been conducted in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, but Labor has refused to undertake further surveys after the shocking 2008 results.

• The survey was conducted in May 2008 with more than 1,200 Government school principals from across Victoria, almost 12 months after John Brumby became Premier and declared that education was his number one priority.

• The survey report is one of the most closely-protected documents within the Education Department.

• The survey has never been made public before.

Victorian Principals Association Position Paper

Victorian Principals Association Position Paper