Dam Storage Levels Up To 23% As At 1 June 2016

Dam Storage Levels Up To 23% As At 1 June 2016

Tasmania Minister for Energy Matthew Groom

Energy Supply Plan Update

Victor P Taffa

There has been significant rainfall in May, which has resulted in storages beginning to recover. Storages are now at 23 %, an improvement of more than 10 % since late April.

  • Storage levels at Great Lake have increased from 14.7 % to 15.7 %.
  • Storage levels at Lake Gordon improved from 10.8 % to 11.6 %.

While this is welcome, it will take time for these two major storages to recover, Minister for Energy Matthew Groom said.

“Our Energy Supply Plan, combined with recent rainfall is ensuring energy security for Tasmania.”

“Hydro Tasmania continues to manage inflows prudently. Over the past week, hydro generation has been augmented by gas generation from Tamar Valley Power Station to manage peak demand, and to allow the major storages to continue to rebuild.  No diesel generation was required.” Mr. Groom said.

“While we have turned the corner, we can’t become complacent. That’s why the Energy Supply Plan continues to be so important.”

“Hydro Tasmania and the Government will continue to provide regular updates on the Energy Supply Plan. Tasmanians can be assured we will do everything necessary to maintain energy security and that the Plan is working.” Mr. Groom said.