Cross River Rail Project Cannot Be Put Off

Cross River Rail Project Cannot Be Put Off

Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek

Cross River Rail Design And Budget Derailed

Victor P Taffa

The Critical Cross River Rail Project was derailed today as part of the Government’s Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review (MYFER) the State Opposition said today.

Leader of the Liberal National Party John-Paul Langbroek said the Major Portal for the Project, the location for which was planned for the corner of Alice and Albert Streets, which was inundated by flood water, would now need to be urgently re-designed.

“The recent floods have shown that critical parts of the project need to be re-engineered.” Mr. Langbroek.

“The Government’s deferral today of the Cross River Rail Project should not hide the fact that neither Government ever committed the funds needed to build it in only five short years.”

“For a long time the Government stated that this Project needed to be completed by 2016 to prevent gridlock between the CBD and the Gold Coast but was never funded by the State and Federal Governments.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“Whilst the Project is on hold, the Government needs to use this time to:

a)      Find the funds;

b)      Ensure the blueprint is fully-flood proofed.”

“This Rail Link is designed to be a major Infrastructure Link between the Brisbane City Centre to the South and we cannot afford for commuters to be short changed.” Mr. Langbroek said.

No sooner was the ink on the contracts for the Sale and Float of Queensland Rail dry that the Flooding Disaster struck. Hundreds of Kilometres of Railway Lines were destroyed and will now have to be rebuilt. In rebuilding these Lines gauge-convertible concrete sleepers and electrification should come into the planning process of renewal.

This is not the first short-sighted decision made with respect to Railways in Queensland. The Railway Line to Robina and the Gold Coast was closed and now has been rebuilt at a cost of several million dollars. However this was a good decision.

Former Premier Peter Beattie built the elevated Railway to the Airport and this service has proved to be popular. Although many Bus Transitways and a Bus Station were also built at the expense of expansion of the Brisbane Metropolitan Railways.