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Western Australia Attorney General John Quigley

New Anti-Consorting Scheme For Western Australia

Victor P Taffa

  • Criminal Law (Unlawful Consorting) Bill 2019 to be introduced into State Parliament next month
  • New offence of unlawful consorting will attract a maximum 5-year jail term
  • Effective consorting laws will make it harder for convicted offenders to engage in planned criminal activity

Western Australia could soon have the toughest anti-consorting laws in the country, which can be used by Police to disrupt and restrict serious and organised crime.

“Operation of organised crime and criminal gangs has been a growing concern for many years in Western Australia.” Attorney General John Quigley said.

“I considered the most effective legislative elements from other Australian jurisdictions to ensure we come up with the best approach to tackling the problem in Western Australia, and we have.”

Criminal Law (Unlawful Consorting) Bill 2019 (the Bill) implements the McGowan Government’s commitment to fight organised crime in Western Australia by disrupting communication and networking between convicted offenders.

“Outlaw motorcycle gangs and organised crime networks are the perpetrators of misery in our community.” Minister for Police Michelle Roberts said.

Proposed laws will provide Western Australia Police with the power to issue an unlawful consorting notice, which may result in prosecution if the person who is issued the notice consorts with a person with whom they are not to consort on two or more occasions during the three-year period that the notice is in force.

A person found guilty of the new unlawful consorting offence will face up to 5 years’ imprisonment.


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