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Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Central Australia Matt Conlan

Task Force Needed To Cut Alice Crime

Victor P Taffa

The Labor Government should immediately deploy a Police Taskforce to Alice Springs to deal with the crime wave that is sweeping through the town.

Shadow Minister for Central Australia, Matt Conlan, said the events of recent weeks have stunned the community, which already has some of the worst crime statistics in the Northern Territory.

“It’s been a terrible time for residents and business operators in the town and the Henderson Government has an obligation to protect the Alice Springs community and not simply turn a blind eye.” Mr. Conlan said.

“I’m told that last night more than a dozen businesses were broken into a situation that would not be tolerated if it was happening in Darwin.”

“This is on top of the assaults and other crimes against the person that mean it is no longer safe to walk the streets.” Mr. Conlan said.

“The Government should immediately deploy a taskforce to Alice Springs to help secure the town and arrest the thugs and criminals involved in this latest crime spree.”

“A team of investigators should be based here to track down the people responsible for the vandalism, robberies and violence as well as at least half-a-dozen extra officers to conduct patrols to make the streets safe.” Mr. Conlan said.

“This should be a temporary measure while the Government puts in place the Country Liberals Policy to recruit an additional 20 Police to the Town.”

“The Chief Minister and Police Minister, Paul Henderson, will no doubt claim the town’s security is an ‘operational matter’ and therefore one for the Police to determine.”

“But it is my view it is the Government’s responsibility to make the town safe and Labor has manifestly failed to do that.” Mr. Conlan said.

As long as there is a Federal Minister for The Northern Territory as an afterthought in the Federal Ministry the required Funding, Economic Growth and Industry Expansion will never occur.

The Northern Territory was established in 1911 and granted Self-Government in 1978. The Step to Statehood requires Bi-Partisan Support so that The Northern Territory can grow over the long term and that Crime Rates can be seriously addressed.


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