Crime & Misconduct Committee At Loggerheads With Police

Crime & Misconduct Committee At Loggerheads With Police

Queensland Shadow Minister for Police & Emergency Services Glen Elmes

CMC And Senior Police Infighting Continues

Victor P Taffa

The Ongoing Infighting between Senior CMC and Senior Police is undermining Public Confidence in the Justice System under this long term Labor Government, the State Opposition said today.

“This is becoming a ‘tit for tat’ that is eroding the credibility of the CMC and holding the Police Service back from moving forward.” Mr. Elmes said.

“From accusations of protecting reputations to gagging findings, this whole review process is descending into a complete debacle with no credibility.”

“The CMC shouldn’t be throwing stones as it is suffering its own internal woes that have seen a number of the Senior Executive either stood down, sacked or on sick leave*.”


“After almost than 6 years since the Palm Island incident, maybe it’s time we asked why the CMC didn’t take over the investigation from the beginning.” Mr. Elmes said.

“Clearly if the CMC and Senior Police can’t sort this out between them then it should be handed over to the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee or some other independent body to review.”

“The only People who suffer in this bun fight are the hard working front line Police and the Broader Queensland Community.” Mr. Elmes said.

* QON 1811 of 2010 stated as at 15 September 2010 there were 4 substantively vacant senior executive positions, 2 of which are currently filled by officers acting in the positions. Three of these positions are the subject of planned recruitment processes. At the time of the query, there were two senior executive officers on annual leave and two officers on sick leave, with all positions currently filled by officers acting in the positions. As has been reported in the media, a further two officers are suspended.