CPI Recorded 0.0% Movement In March 2019

CPI Recorded 0.0% Movement In March 2019

Australian Bureau Of Statistics

CPI Recorded No Movement In The March Quarter 2019

Victor P Taffa

Consumer Price Index (CPI) recorded no movement (0.0 %) in the March quarter 2019, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures. This follows a rise of 0.5 % in the December quarter 2018.

March quarter 2019 CPI was a result of price rises in a number of goods and services being fully offset by a number of price falls. This was consistent across most of the capital cities.

Most significant rises in the March quarter were:

  • Vegetables (+7.7 %),
  • Secondary education (+4.2 %),
  • Motor vehicles (+2.4 %).

Drought and adverse weather conditions continue to reduce the supply of a selection of fruits and vegetables.

These rises were offset by falls in:

  • Automotive fuel (-8.7 %),
  • Domestic holiday, travel and accommodation (-3.8 %),
  • International holiday, travel and accommodation (-2.1 %).

Lower world oil prices at the end of 2018 saw automotive fuel prices fall 6.1 % in January, before rising in February and March, 4.2 % and 5.2 % respectively.

CPI rose 1.3 % through the year to the March quarter 2019, after increasing 1.8 % through the year to the December quarter 2018.